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  • platinum is the rarest of all precious metals
  • approximately 10 tons of raw ore have to be mined to produce one ounce of platinum
  • platinum is approximately 60 times more rare than gold and weighs 60% more than gold, making it one of the heaviest metals
  • the main producers of platinum are the former Soviet Union Republics, South Africa and Canada
  • all the platinum ever mined would fill a cube less than 25 feet on each side
  • when platinum is mined from the ground, it is naturally white and maintains this look throughout the years without any maintenance
  • an average man weighs as much as a 6 inch cube of platinum
  • platinum is contained in or utilized in the production of at least 20% of all consumer goods manufactured
  • scarce metals, such as platinum face depletion risks this century because of the lack of suitable substances in such devices as catalytic converters and hydrogen fuel cells.Read More...
  • it takes 6 months of processing to produce a single troy ounce of platinum

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